Motifs: your GenAI application guidebook
LLM and kbase connections
Connect to one or many large language model (LLM) providers, then enrich its knowledge by connecting proprietary data sources and internal kbases. Your new assistant will have all the power of an LLM with the contextualized understanding it needs to be genuinely useful.
Security & compliance rules
Use one of Motific’s pre-built policies for personally identifiable information (PII) filtering, toxicity detection, hallucination prevention, token usage quotas, and more. Create custom policies to enforce your team’s data security and compliance rules.
Access control
Assign Motifs to predefined user groups to ensure only authorized users use only what’s required for their day-to-day work functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Motific is a fully managed service that comes with a central admin console, that can be used to rapidly deliver end-user-facing generative AI assistants and API endpoints. These endpoints are powered by out-of-the box natural language compliance & security guardrails, an intelligence service, and an enterprise data-powered, end-to-end retrieval augmented generation (RAG) service. The natively delivered user endpoints enable knowledge workers and citizen developers to quickly use natural language to ask complex questions, create new content and generate document summaries, while using Motific’s customized assistants or enterprise applications connected to Motific’s customized abstracted APIs.

Motific delivers the following natural language compliance and security policy guardrails out of the box: Data Loss Prevention/PII, hallucination, prompt Injection, malicious URL, toxic content, off-topic, cost & token budget management, and optimal foundation model recommender.

The Motific RAG service is an enterprise service that’s powered by a Generative AI toolchain that consists of components such as data source connectors, embedding models, a vector database a retrieval mechanism etc., to enable contextual model inputs and responses. Using this service, the Motific admin is able to create custom knowledge bases for each enterprise business team, using enterprise data sources such as websites, sales content hubs, product manuals, research reports, customer service guides, policy documents, human resources documentation etc. Through Motific’s natively created assistant UI and abstracted APIs, users can get the most up to date and relevant responses from their foundation model interactions using relevant contextual information from their private knowledge bases.

Motific supports many common document types and formats, such as .PDF, .CSV, .DOC, .HTML, txt, JSON and .PPT. For a list of supported documents, see the documentation.

Yes. Motific connects to various foundation models from various providers such as Mistral AI, Amazon Bedrock, Azure OpenAI and Google Gemini. With this flexibility the Motific admin is able to configure and customize a variety of Motific GenAI assistants and API endpoints to the foundation model that best suits each enterprise business team’s use case.

Motific connects to your data sources such as SharePoint and websites and maintains existing access control rules for your data so that users have access to the right content based on their permissions.
Motific also supports integration with your external SAML 2.0–supported identity provider (such as Okta, Azure AD) to manage user authentication and authorization into the Motific service as well as to the custom assistants and API endpoints created by the Motific admin.
In addition, Motific connects to your existing Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB) APIs such as Cisco Umbrella, to help you detect shadow LLM usage within your organization.

Yes, you can use the abstracted APIs. The natively generated and customized abstracted API serves as an interface that combines the power of Motific’ s compliance and security guardrails, RAG service and third-party LLM connections. This enables connections to any enterprise business application such as marketing, sales, HR, and Supply Chain apps.

The Intelligence service provides operational, usage and business insights that empowers Motific admins and business stakeholders to make optimal investment and operational decisions based on Motific assistant usage. Examples of insights provided by the Intelligence service includes summary of tasks being performed by users’ assistants, the token usage trends for each requested task, the productivity gains and time saved by using a GenAI assistant for specific tasks and the optimal model for performing certain tasks.

Motific supports English language only. You can enable Motific to support other languages, but note that the underlying small language models that power the Motific system are trained with English language datasets.

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